Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Trick or Treat!
It's Halloween time
and wouldn't you know;
There are things to see and places to go;
Tricks or treats, it sounds good to me;
Better watch out or a witch you will be!

Julia made her own tie dye shirt for Halloween

Our ward had a Trunk or Treat party complete with home made soups. Yummy!

Julia with her friends

It was so COLD for trunk or treating! Snow was even falling.

Kyler was all tuckered out after getting back to grandma and grandpa's house.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Clinton 15th Ward Primary

Primary children of the Clinton 15th Ward

The Primary children presented the yearly sacrament meeting program yesterday. The theme was I Know My Savior Lives

Julia and her class sing I Lived in Heaven

Three boys sing This is My Beloved Son

I am the pianist (I'm the lucky one!)

The children sang their nine songs beautifully.

The kids dressed the Presidency stupenduously!

After the sacrament program during Primary we played a game called Perplex the Presidency. The children came up with questions about familier songs in the Children's Songbook and if a presidency member got it wrong they had to put on part of a costume (hat, wig, scarf, etc). If they got it right, a teacher had to put on a part of a costume. The kids had a blast.

The teachers look great!

Presidency members took
it in great stride

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Celesta's Halloween Costume

Celesta and two friends decided they were going to make their halloween costume this year. All three made genie outfits with Celesta's being blue, Martha's green and Ashley's pink.

Their were two dances on the same night: a stake dance and a high school stomp. Of course the girls had to hit both of them.


They worked very hard on the outfits getting them done just hours before the dance

High School Football

Julia and Kaydee watching the football game

Friday nights and football, a great combination

Celesta enjoys cheering

Ashley, Celesta and Martha

Julia tying quilts

The fifth graders at Julia's school tied quilts for a school project. All the quilts are donated to the Primary Children's Medical Center's yearly Festival of Trees fundraiser.

Julia and her friend Breanna.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sappy Tree

Jeff and I went on a hike last Saturday in the North Ogden Divide. While walking on the beautiful Autumn day we ran into this sappy tree and I thought it looked like a face with a very drippy nose. I guess the respiratory therapist in me is coming out.
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Katrina's first choir concert at West Point Jr. High. The group sang three songs with Everafter being her favorite. In the sea of pink she is on the second to the top row, seventh from the right side.
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Julia at choir practice

Julia is in choir at her elementary school. She is in the top row, second on the right. They are getting ready for their Christmas concert in December. Julia enjoys singing.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009


West Yellowstone

Katrina and Martha try on Danial Boon hats at a gift shoppe

Waiting for the Adventure Alaska movie to begin in the Imax Theatre

Katrina loves the canoe

Eating at a mexican restaurant
in West Yellowstone

Julia was sick the first day of our trip. This is how I found her resting in our trailer.


During the Fall break from school, we went to Yellowstone National Park. We knew it would be rainy and snowy so we prepared to keep warm, and we did! The first night the temperature was in the 13 degrees with a daytime temperature around 39. A couple of days we were there the sun came out and we all got sunburned on our faces. The sun felt so good and seemed much warmer than 40 degrees!

Celesta and Martha at Firehole Falls

Lower Falls

Jeff and Katrina at Madison River

Dragon's Caldron

Celesta's friend, Martha, came with us

Otters in the Madison River

What cutie pies!

Moose near our campsite

We found an ice formation
at Fishing Bridge

The beautiful Old Faithful Inn. Notice the children at the bottom of the picture.

Uncle Tom's Trail which leads to Lower Falls - many, many stairs!

We saw a lot of animals at close range. We heard elk bugling in the morning.

Madison River in the morning. There is frost on the tree in the forground and the river steams as the sun warms it.

Yellowstone Lake

Julia, Celesta and Martha take
a break at the Snow Lodge Store.

Fairy Falls

Our hike back from Fairy Falls